Thursday, April 7, 2011

Places to Live-CArs--The Future of Cole Crosby All on A Thursday!

Well it is time for me to run again and let me tell you everything is crossing my mind right now!  Let me run then re-cap to you as I lie half-naked drenched in sweat typing on my computer after a nice long hard effort out on the back-roads of Oklahoma!

So when I shot out the door, the temperature was a balmy 90 degrees with a slight wind of 17 mph.  I headed out towards school by taking Lindsey street straight into campus. Today, there is a Miranda Lambert concert that my girlfriend Ashlee is attending. I thought I might catch her there so I took my bare-chested self with my OU visor and my black skimpy running shorts over to Lloyd Noble Center. My pace began at 5:30's and I pushed through the wind like a true gritty runner.  I headed to Lloyd Noble and saw all the cars packing into the vast parking lot. Something is going on.  I could hear some woman singing a song like a mime, hmm maybe karaoke.  I pushed the pace again out towards the jogging path out by The Weather Center. I was now at 5:25/mile.  I felt really strong.  I came out on Chataqua or however you spell that street then decided to head out  towards Highway 9.  I made it across the highway into the neighborhoods of The Trails golf course and country club.  I ran a lap through there then headed back.

I was in dire need of a bathroom break, so I hauled it over to Reaves Park to drop a deuce and to catch up on some much needed water.  Then I headed back on Lindsey and finally finished the run in 75 minutes.  A great run to think about things.

I think I need to start thinking about trading my car in. Why you ask?  Well, I have spent tons of money and my father into this vehicle and every time  something new is fixed, something goes wrong and then it costs 1 thousand dollars. This car is eating up my savings at a crazy rate and I do not know how much longer I can take this.  It is not a bad car by any means but the money that has gone into it to me seems to be slightly wasted.  As  I was able to pick up my car today after 3 weeks of not having it, the moment I reached Norman, my car almost overheated completely.  I was lucky enough to shut it off before smoke started radiating out of the vehicle.  What happened? The dumb mechanic drained all my fluids and oil and never put any of it back. WTF!  This is not only disturbing but the fact that I made it 250 miles with my car before I knew about this could have been fatal.  Thanks a lot piece of crap mechanics!  Plus, I thought I had found a great place to live but once I found out they had a second deposit of 300 dollars,  I did a double-take.  So now, I am left here to continue to look for a place to stay, praying my car will not need anything besides an oil change for a year, and that after all this, I will have some money saved up for my ultimate dream: TO GO TO GRADUATE SCHOOL!

I Want to do research such as understanding how to "GREEN" golf courses and potentially make some runner accessible so that it can serve many purposes. Not only that, but to make golf courses natural wildlife sanctuaries for birds and native grasses and so that they can showcase the beauty and nature of the particular region in an eco-friendly way.  Maybe I can own a park and do research at golf courses?  Either way I hope after everything I have been through, I still hope this dream I can afford.  I do not want to live my life regretting never going to graduate school.  I have to go!

I have to find a way to afford graduate school and to be able to make a career out of my studies.  That is my future.  THE CAR, A PLACE, GRADUATE SCHOOL?????  I do not know what I will become but I do know  I will bust my butt off in whatever I do!  Luckily, I have a great girlfriend that is here to help push me and  a father that has a heart of gold. I know if my mother was here today, instead of living  on her island up in Greece, she would be proud of me!

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