Monday, April 11, 2011

My Running For this WEEK!

Friday: no normal run because I took Ashlee to the doctor to get checked out with her abscess.  I went straight to work and ran my buns off for 10 hours and tacked on about 5 miles!  Yes, this job can get you in real shape.

Saturday: I ran a nice loop put towards Cedar Lane and hit the hills. I felt great and even had the chance to chat with some bikers that I beat up one of the huge hills out in the farm country. I ran a total of 81 minutes about 13-14 miles.

Sunday: Lake Thunderbird Run with Ashlee. She read a book, while I ran about 70 minutes with my last mile in 5:07.  The hills felt challenging and the run really is helping to get myself in the right mindset for Mount Washington.  To be able to just switch gears running uphill and to almost run under 5 minutes for my last mile really is a testament to the fitness I have finally reached.  As the weather is feeling more and more like late spring and summer,  I am getting excited for the running that is ahead of me as I look to make a name for myself and everyone that supports me out on Mount Washington.

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