Tuesday, April 19, 2011

School Please BE OVER SO I CAN RUN MORE!!!!!!!!

With school in its final leg of the marathon, I am greatly anticipating the freedom of being a college graduate.  I think it will be a good thing to take a little time just to gather myself for graduate school though I know  I am ready for it!

Monday I worked a long and busy day working a tournament at Belmar and put in a nice 8 hour morning shift.  Then I decided to run 45 minutes in the afternoon where the temperature was at a blissful 94 degrees.  I ran with a water bottle and I am glad I only put in about 45 minutes or 7 miles on the legs because of the heat.  The run was in the neighborhood of Summit Lakes.

Tuesday I ran out towards Cedar Lane!  I turned at 36th street SE and then headed to East Post Oak Road! This section is very hilly and I was able to run to the summit which stands at a whopping 1,210 feet!  The view is beautiful up there!   There is a big weather tower that is always my marker!  The run felt good considering I am very fatigued from Sunday's run and Monday's busy day! I have a new haircut now and am ready to get school done with. I am tired of papers and tests and long assignments.  I have a test thursday, 2 papers and my arboretum project all due before the end of the year and I also have finals.  That means that I have about 2-3 more weeks to get myself into high gear to finish the year off right!  And then once the school year is over with! It will be time to transition into real marathon training,  working, and thinking and preparing about what I would like to focus my research on when I begin graduate school!  Time of run: 76 minutes----12.5 miles

The Park management track still seems like the direction  I would like to head but even working as a manager or golf course superintendent, or something that involves golf course design would be a cool track for me.  Golf courses pose an interesting concept of a sport that glorifies nature but does so by polluting it.  I want to be a part of the new generation that creates the country club experience as not just a golf experience but as a park experience.  Maybe I will do research for a sustainable golf organization which there are many that seek to help make golf courses better for players and then better for the environment.  THough I would like to make the first real RUNNER_FRIENDLY golf course that contains a small natural forest as part of the course!  With running trails, a camp site, and maybe a pond or lake!  Just some ideas but maybe they will become something in the near future!

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