Sunday, April 17, 2011

The 2 HOUR LONG RUN!!!!! OK RUNNER History!

My total time today was 2 hours and 25 minutes my longest run of my life!

I started out from my apartment and then bolted out to the Conocco out by Robinson and 12th street.  I met up with David Wren and Scotty D for a nice long run. The temperature was perfect as it was in the 50's and the wind was not too strong!  I then made my way out with the gang towards the hills out on Rock Creek Road and ran all over the east side of Norman in the back-road country.  The run felt effortless and smooth and before all was said and done, I was done at an amazing 2 hours and 25 minutes! What a way to begin a Sunday!  I might be able to handle a marathon after all I hope at least.

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