Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I am running twice today!!!! My first run was across town from my apartment to Ashlee's house on Rowena Lane which I was able to complete in 23 minutes which was getting to being almost 4 miles!  I had a meeting with Dr. Dalton to discuss my arboretum concept and I needed a change of clothes, so I hurried myself across town and picked up some clothes and shot over to campus.  The meeting went well and now it is time to finish on my project!

My second run I will do after class and I will head out for about an hour! I ran the full 61 minutes on top what I previously did in the morning.  I ran out towards Sutton Wilderness by heading out on 12th street from Campus Lodge.  The day was already sunny and warm, and I knew that  I had to prepare myself for some heat.  I ran to Sutton and hit the trails.  I noticed that some of the OU track guys were out there and  I spent a portion of my 3 big laps on the trails talking to the guys.   It was great to catch up and see what everyone was doing.  The 80+ degree weather merits a nice shaded run which Sutton provided me. I whizzed through the trails then finished up by heading back across Alameda.  The run felt good but I could feel the fatigue from my sprint in the morning.

I ran a total of 83-84 minutes and totaled about 14 miles. Not  bad in a day.

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