Thursday, April 21, 2011

Run Through Campus!

Yesterday I had to go into work at 11am. That did not leave me much time to go run! The thing today was that Ashlee was supposed to have surgery on her abcess. Ashlee got a call early in the morning saying that her insurance switched providers so that the surgery in Norman Regional would not be covered!  That made things crazy. I left the door by 8:20 and ran for an hour to make sure that Ashlee had come to a solution. The solution was to for her to wait on the surgery until she can be forwarded a list of potential Norman surgeons in the system. A lot of crazy crap if you ask me!

I ran through campus and did a nice long loop over by the Weather Center off towards Boyd Street!  If was a nice run.  Then I had work!  I made so many tips that I had 111 dollars by the end of the day.  I made 63 when I worked with Grant...28 by myself before Grant got there and I managed to score 20 more dollars as a gift for my help with the Christian Oklahoma High School Golf tournament on Monday!  So I can say it was a good day to work!  People that never tipped me gave me good money and some of my pals that normally give me 5 gave me 10 dollars! And I was able to jog on that driving range for maybe a total of 2 miles and then finish by 8:30pm and be able to clock out by 9. Now it is time to finish studying for my American Music Theatre exam!   Hello DOLLY!!

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