Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Loop DA LOOP!!

Thursday run took me out along East Lindsey across 36th street out past Robinson and then towards Rock Creek!  I turned left onto Rock Creek and passed Ingel's Winery which has the best wine I have ever tasted.  I then proceeded out along 12th avenue over by Park Place and Sutton Wilderness! The rest of the run was heading back home!

My pace felt strong as I can feel all of the heavy lifting we do at Belmar as an Outside Service worker translate into having true upper-body and core strength in the long run.  My throat has been a little sore because of the high levels of wind-blown pollen everywhere but otherwise I have been feeling really good!  My pace and cadence is really sharpening up as in a few weeks I will be tackling the 12k at the OKC Marathon as  a member of the OK Runner relay squad!  I am excited about potentially equaling if not besting my break-out performance last year where I ran PR's from 6k-12k in the whole distance. I split 38:00 on the dot for the race which amounts to like a 5:03 mile on the course.  I averaged under 5 minutes the whole race until the final mile into the wind!  This year I hope to average 4:50 a mile since my strength is there and I feel I have the ability to switch gears if need be.  I will be looking forward to hitting the race hard and I am just excited with gearing up for racing again since March 6th.  Wish me luck world!

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