Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A New Morning

On Monday I ran out towards 60th street and headed towards Cedar Lane by taking East Lindsey. The run was nice as the temperature was at 57 degrees but the wind was very crazy with the gusts all around at 30-45 mph but the run felt great. It is amazing how all my runs are just coming together.  My fitness is really coming around. I can go run the hills of Norman and instead of struggling the last 2 miles of the run, I can power through the hills and still come out as if I did not even run the hill to begin with.  The sun is beginning to tan up my skin as I notice running short tan lines emerging as well as some color on my face and back.  I am excited about my next upcoming races such as the OKC relay where I will be running the 12k leg and then its time to prep for the Race Up Mount Washington Road Race!  Time to enjoy the warm weather and use the sun to lift my spirits as school is in its last 6 weeks and then I am an official college graduate.

Total time of 81 minutes and 47 seconds!

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