Thursday, April 7, 2011

I feel Like I am Floating

Already Thursday and I have missed writing down two runs!

Today is Thursday and I have been a little crazy. I woke up early this morning at 7am to get a call about coming to pick up my car ASAP. So what did I do, I hopped into the truck and drove about 70 minutes to Okemah to meet Johnny and to switch the vehicles. Then all the craziness ensued.  As I am writing this I feel so tired that I will leave the suspense to you. I have done everything from getting Ashlee's tags for her car as well as pitching in for them, to going to work early to working my little fanny off in every single regard. Anyway, on tuesday I ran some hills for a total of 74 minutes and yesterday I ran for 76 minutes and 46 seconds all over Norman and ended up with a little more bronzing than I anticipated.  Now I am finally going to go for my evening thursday run while Ashlee is at a concert at OU--The Miranda Lambert concert.

Anyway, time to run as the heat of the day cools down! Whooo I am tired! This week has been living at a non-stop relentless pace where cutting my nails and taking showers have become something of the Stone-age.

Oh and to make matters worse, the car drove great until I made it back to Norman and realized that the engine temperature was redlining at very dangerous levels. I was able to park my car at Ashlee's house just in time before the car could blow-up on me.  I think my car needs some fluids since the mechanic drained all of them and never put any back in (really nice guy huh)!  So now  I am sitting on my computer getting ready to go run before hell freezes over on me.

There is just so much going on in my life that graduation does not even have time for me to get excited. I feel like I am the only OU college graduate that has way more important things in life than to enjoy my last moments as an Undergrad.  It really kinda sucks when you think about it. This semester has been a transition of me becoming a real adult with real adult issues and bills and responsibilities though I am still balancing acing my classes and let me tell you this is a little too much. For the first time in my life, I do not feel like a student but rather an adult that is going back to school to take classes. I feel old in other words.  I think I have just been way too stressed out lately to even think to myself. Life is pretty darn ridiculous right now but this whirlwind should and I stress SHOULD die down once I graduate and May turns into June!

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