Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Humid Days!

Today's run was a nice long run with Scotty D as we met out by the Hiland Milk plant and ran out towards the grass track at the OU airport.  We ran a couple loops and boy was it a humid day! Our singlets were getting soaked and I was looking for a water break so we headed to the OU Law school and ended up with the much needed AC and water.

It is always fun to spend a run catching up on the times and looking out on the future.
I feel like I have spent the week just sweating it out with these hot temps but the best part about this whole venture is that Mount Washington is only 17 days away!

The run lasted for an astounding 1 hour and 33 minutes! That is good for about 15-16 miles!

Tuesday's run was a night run!  I had a day off from work and rested the majority of the day.  I ran as the sun was going down out on ALameda and then turned onto 36th.  I then hit Rock Creek and ran out by the Camp Rock Creek-Christian camp.  THe weather was very muggy---like New Jersey summer muggy.  I ran some nice hills and a famous oak tree that sits alone in a cow pasture right before a large incline.  When your legs get tired you have to just keep pushing.  But what is strange about that saying is that my legs never really became all that tired.  I have not been running hills as much as I would like to but I ran up and down the undulations like they were little speed humps.  I think this summer is going to be filled with fun races and great memories this blog is going to keep up to date.

And now that I finally have working internet, well I can write away!

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