Thursday, June 30, 2011

Heat Wave is Making Me Feel All Washed Up

86 minute run in the heat of the hills out on 36th NE street. All I have to say is I wished I ran earlier than 9am. It was blistering hot and if Camp Rock Creek was not there, I would have been struggling to make it back.  It is so hard to run fast in 100 degree heat like what we have in Oklahoma!  I felt like I was running up Mount Washington again but in much warmer and sunnier conditions.  My legs were sapped of all the energy  I had at the beginning of the run and I paid for it by runs end.

Now that I have finished Mount Washington. I have my eyes set on a different race in Hawaii, The Xterra World Trail Championships where top 3 gets you prize money from 750 dollars to 2000 dollars!  That is more than enough to pay for the whole trip!  I think this would be a great experience to run with the best again and run through the sets of Jurassic Park and 50 First Dates to name a few.  The race is in the beginning of December and I think I am going to look into it!

I have spent my day off looking at everything the Xterra World Trail Championships have to offer and I think this would be an amazing chance to run against Max King my idol and to win some prize money.  There is only one 15 percent grade in the race which I have seen much worse at Mount Washington.  The heat of the race would play into my favor and the fact that the course allows for faster sections will help play into my advantage of my quick foot-speed.  I would love to test myself and shoot for the prize money since 2,000/1,000 or 750 dollars does not sound so bad at all! We shall see!

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