Monday, June 6, 2011

I need A Powerade!

So I went running just around the OU campus where there would be water and shade. I headed out the door around 9am and let me tell you it was already going to be a stinking HOT day.  I think it had to be in the upper 80's already as the temperature is forecasted for 100 today. My body feels a little tight from all the hill running and strength I have been gaining but I think it is going to pay off in the end. It was so hot that a nice powerade would have done the trick but of course when I really wanted one, there was nothing in sight.  I ran for 65 minutes and 10 miles which is not too bad for a hot Monday but I am certain my week will progress with better mileage.

After the run since I have an off day from work, I decided to watch videos, work on house work, explore my future career in Park Management and even Golf Course Design. I have spent numerous hours today compiling information on how to find the nice blend of park and golf course into the same facility.  Why not make a golf course that is not only playable but can be used and distinguished for other uses such as running trails/snow-shoeing or camping or even bird-watching.  I think this is what my thesis at graduate school will focus on is the recreational benefits of multi-use park designs within park and golf course structures.  I think there is so much money that flows into golf courses and not so much with State parks that why not be the one to blend the two together seamlessly. Why not refurbish an old course and rename it The Slopes at  (Blank) or The Park at (Blank) or Windy Trails or some name that embellishes the idea of the re-design.  Golf architecture is a very interesting field to explore and though I may not know everything that goes into the play of the golf course, I am sure I can learn with some heavy reading of some books I have ordered via Amazon.

Though I have graduated from college, it does not mean that my academic career ends here. Before I embark on the road to graduate school, I want to sharpen my knowledge on aspects of recreation that interest me the most.  May this knowledge help build me into a great manager of the outdoors in whatever realm I land myself into!

Happy Running!

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