Monday, June 27, 2011

Run To the Trails Golf course=NO WATER!

Last Night I thought I would run across town to the Trails Golf Club. The heat of the day was beginning to subside as I trotted from 12th to Far western Norman.  By the time I had made it to the Trails golf club, I was thirsty and I was almost at my time to turn around. And so my midnight preview of the course and the search for water began.  I rummaged the course looking for an available water cooler because golf courses usually have that kind of stuff and I was shocked to see that the water coolers were missing from their stands.  So, the Trails takes there water coolers in at night GREAT, I though to myself.  Now I was 45 minutes into the run and I needed water because of this Oklahoma heat.  Angry at the Trails club, I ran back towards the OU campus knowing I was reaching my limitations.  I pushed and pushed until I made it back to the apartment in I hour and 27 minutes.  The moment I reached the door I felt dizzy and light-headed.  Water has never tasted so good before that moment.  I was exhausted and I spent the rest of my few hours awake hydrating and suffering from stomach cramps.

Lesson: Never run to the Trails Golf Club at night because they have no water.

Well, Lesson learned!

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