Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trails never Fail!

Ashlee went into work later so I waited around until she left around 10am. It was then my time to prepare for a hot run. This has been my first Oklahoma summer and I can already see why people say it can be so stinky around here.  Yes it can be really hot but if you run early enough in the day and avoid 90-100 degree temperatures, the running is not so bad.  Remember, running in 80 degrees in Norman actually feels really nice because with the strong breezes and the dry conditions the run feels effortless.

Today though, I caught myself in 90 degree temperatures from the get go.  I headed to Sutton Wilderness and made sure I was hydrated throughout.  Each lap through the trails I would grab some water at the local water fountain then continue my next lap.  3.5 laps and then it was time to head back.  Whizzing through the trails is always fun and getting some clay dirt on my Pumas is also a blast because it shows I am a rugged trail/mountain runner.  I was able to run 6:30's in this heat with the slightest of ease and that is a great accomplishment.  I am acclimating to the heat nicely and now my training is coming together.  I am due for a new pair of training shoes and I am thinking that a pair of some nike lunar shoes might be on the agenda to try out.  One of the best things about having a running store as your sponsor is that I can head to the store and can get instant feed-back about new shoes that will specifically work for my feet.  They have a new treadmill that analyzes your foot-strike on the footpad of the treadmill and it can tell you your maximum foot pressure-the higher the more force you are getting back from eat foot-strike and whether your foot is controlled from pronation.  So I think A Lunar Elite is in store for me next.  I better order the thing before all of them are gone since RunningWarehouse has a sale!  Off I go!

72 minutes---12 miles

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