Friday, June 24, 2011

OU XC trails=Looking for shade--Didn't Find it!

There are some very hot temperatures here in Norman, Oklahoma this week where the highs hover around 100 or so.  With my work schedule having me work mostly evenings, I have to run in the morning but even trying to beat the heat at that point in the morning can be difficult around here.  I thought that shade would help me out so I planned a route out to the OU XC course hidden away off of Highway 9.

I laced up the shoes and headed out around 8:30am after chugging water and the ceremonial  poptart I was out the door.  The heat was not all that bad to begin with but once I neared the trailhead into the course, I started feeling it.  The heat of 86-90 at 8 in the morning can be very daunting for running effectively.  I pushed up the little inclines of the course and trotted up and down the barren clay surface.  After 2 loops of each a mile a piece or so, I was in desperate need of water.  I made the effort to push 2 more loops as the sweat was glistening on my body and the heat of the sun began to bake me like some fresh oatmeal cookies.

After the two loops, I was 47 minutes into the run so I headed for a water spicket at this huge church on the other side of Highway 9 maybe about half a mile from the trailhead.  I crawled to the spicket and began to pour the cold water all over my head and body.
At this point I just wanted to finish the run and finish I did in 79 minutes and about 12 miles of effort.  The heat really makes training difficult as I am highly considering somewhere that is much cooler than here to live at in the near future.

It is times like this I wish I lived in the mountains!

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