Friday, June 3, 2011

Lake Thunderbird Trails!!!!!!!

I am off to Run the Lake Thunderbird Trails today as a preparation run for Mount Washington!

There is nothing like running the trails of Lake Thunderbird!  I set out on the easy blue trails and hit Tony's Revenge and out onto the Gold trails which happen to be the most difficult.  The run was fun as I whipped around the winding sand and hard dirt trails throughout the various wooded sections and beach sections.  The heat of the day had not hit just yet so the training benefit was going to be maximum gain.  I pushed through Huffy hill and ran it 5 times to help tax my body.  I love the serenity I can find out in those trails of Lake Thunderbird where I can disappear from reality for awhile then shoot out of the trees and be back into civilization again.  On the Gold trail section, I ran sections such as "Quadzilla" the "Rollercoaster", "Dragon's Den" and many others.  The run was soooo much fun and I think the 1 hour and 30 minute run really helped to build some endurance for heading into Mount Washington.

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