Wednesday, June 8, 2011

OU GOlf Course and some Hills In Two Days

Yesterday On Tuesday I ran at the OU golf course around 7pm as the heat of the day began to dwindle.  The run felt great considering I had perfect access to fresh water along the course and my footing was nice soft grass.  It was still pretty hot out there but I managed to get in 73 minutes of activity which was great for the day.  The golf course is closed on tuesdays so I had the whole course to myself and let me tell you it felt great to have something like that all for me.  My body has been a little tired as of late but I feel that I am building up for Mount Washington this week where next week I can maintain my fitness and then be ready to rock and roll.  There really is nothing like running on a golf course. I think running and golf courses go together quite well.  Just think about it: a golf course has water coolers at every whole, the footing is soft but firm enough for a fast turn-over, there are hills and quick turns, many courses have shade and OU has plenty of it, and golf courses are just fun.  I think that running on a golf course should be something more courses allow runners to do because there is nothing like it.

Wednesday was my "Lets get some hills in day".  I ran on East Lindsey all the way onto 60th ave out towards highway 9.  Because of all the severe heat, I decided to run as soon as I woke up at 8:30am.  I should have hydrated better with more gatorade because I went through my water reserves too quickly as my last two miles I had to pull back the 6:20 minute pace to the high 7's.  As my body begins to adjust to the heat of the Oklahoma summer, I am optimistic that I will feel better on runs and also be able to recover properly in this type of weather.

I was able to run 1 hour and 33 minutes which takes my weekly mileage out around 45 for the week in 4 days so I am averaging 11.25 miles a day or so and with only running 38 minutes on Sunday, my week should have me out around a 12 mile average which is around 84 miles for the week.

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