Thursday, June 9, 2011

This Hot Weather Drains Me!

So, All this running at 8am in 80-90 degree heat already is exhausting.  I step out the door and I am already sweating in the first few minutes of the run, what a bummer!  Today I set out into Hall Park and it was interesting to see some Baptist kids chanting and waving at the oncoming cars.  As I ran by in a purple blaze (I had purple nike shorts on), the group of kids began to do a slow clap for me and a chant "Go,Go,GO,GO GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO!" It was a great little boost as I felt I was in the midst of some big road race.  I headed out then across Rock Creek and onto the farm road sections out towards Franklin Road.  My pace was not fast just nice and relaxed because the heat can really take it out of you ad I am working a 10 hour shift today so there is no need to exhaust myself completely.

I managed to run for 68 minutes which tallies up to about 10.7 miles or so which is not too bad for my week so far.  If I did not feel sick to my stomach I probably would have made it a longer run.

Heading back home to New Jersey is almost in reach as Saturday is the official day we set off!

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