Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On the Roads--Rabid Dog and Baby Armadillo and Rain!

Monday,I ran in the evening and did the Summit Lakes long loop.  The day was feeling cooler and I was able to run at a decent clip though the effort was very relaxed.  The run was pretty simple and I felt great.  60 minutes on the roads and I was happy with another run in the books.

Today I headed out towards the hills of Noble and caught a battle with the same rabid pittbull/bulldog mix that took a bite out of my leg almost a year and a half ago.   I was just running down 48th street minding my own business as from the distance I see the dog blitzing across the farm's property like a blitzkrieg. I knew it would be only mere seconds before I met the dog face to face.  I prepared myself as the dog bounded my way. I kept running and as the dog neared my back-side I yelled at the dog and kicked its nose.  I found that last time the nose method was successful in stopping the dog's aggression.  This time one kick sealed the deal as the rabid dog fled.
OH MY GOD...it was a baby ARMADILLO!!!!!!!!!!  My first real sighting of a real up close and personal armadillo.  Let me be the one to tell you that armadillos are so cute.  The thing slinked across the road and I thought to myself how cool could that be to see my  first armadillo.  The rain had subsided as I began my run though it helped to mask the 100 degree heat we have had the last week.  Running in the 70's proved ideal.

Anyway, quite a bit of excitement for a few hours!

I was able to track 83 minutes and 14 miles of work!

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