Sunday, June 5, 2011

39 minutes is all it takes To get to Work in 97 degree heat?

Yesterday after working a very busy LGA Cosmopolitan Member/Guest tournament I decided to relax at home. The only crucial problem was that my phone decided to explode into the dark abyss.  I am pretty sure that thing had a major heart attack or something because it is as dead as a doornail!!!

Anyway, I decided to run to work after I was all done with work because 1. We have gatorade and buckets full of fresh water, towels, and other refreshing goodies 2. I have no way besides email to contact anyone so I thought I would run to inform my manager and 3. I have never made the venture out to work and if  I ever was left to run, I would know where I stood with how long it would take to get there.

The run lasted a blistering 80 minutes and it really was a blast!

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