Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Fun!!!

Evening run of 65 minutes out along Porter over towards Tecumseh! It might have turned into a 70 minute run but I raced the last 5k give or take!

The run felt great but the day was where all the fun was spent.  I worked a morning 7-2 shift and worked diligently and made great money.  It was so much fun helping out all the members with their golfing needs.

Then Ashlee had the perfect idea for her birthday...Frontier City!   Frontier City is what is sounds like: a Western cowboy theme park.  ANd that is what it is!  It was so much fun riding the rides, eating BBQ, bumper cars, and even a raft ride and having soggy shorts for 2 hours.  And my favorite part was the gift shop where we bought necklaces, rocks, I bought myself a new pair of sandals, and many other goodies!  It was such an amazing time and Frontier City is a must go and see place right here in the Oklahoma city area!   I think Ashlee had a great birthday-the best she has ever had!

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