Monday, June 13, 2011


So as many of you know...I am in New Jersey spending the week seeing the sights such as the Jersey Shore, NYC and home with my lovely gf Ashlee Prewitt.  I have run twice out of the three days here since being home but the amount of walking and playing on the beach is enough to exhaust anyone.

Today is Monday and I ran up the "Hill of Death" as I call it, a very steep grade of a hill that takes you up along a mountain ridge by one of the largest active rock quarries around.  The run is great and I hit the hills like a champion.  After the nice 1 hour 25 minute run, Ashlee and myself set our sights on Princeton to walk around the University and to see the sights of the campus.  Let me tell you, the weather here in NJ is perfect with temps in the 70's and clouds that block away the sun.  Saturday night had some mist which felt nice as I ran and I am so excited for the rest of the week!

For those Oklahomans, hold tight to those water bottles or maybe just come out to New Jersey for a weekend and enjoy the great weather and wonderful trails the state has to offer.

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