Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday! Running in Moore

Today was a cool run! Finally I ran from work at  the Belmar golf course. The roads that surround Belmar are awesome for mountain running.  There are great long hills that are the best I have ever been on in Oklahoma.  I took Indian Hill Road and ran by the prettiest cemetery ever! There was a lake and flowers at every hedge stone.  I headed on that road go up and down for 14 and a half minutes then turned around because I was in the mood for exploring and was hoping to see what else I could run to.  I sprinted across Sooner Road back to the entrance of Belmar and continued onward towards Moore.  I ran by Oil riggers working on a main and ran right by a huge lumber yard.  It was amazing to see everything that was going on.  The run started out brisk around 50 but soon warmed up into the upper 60's as the sun came out. I eventually ended up into downtown Moore and then turned back. The sun was glaring and I knew I was going to end up with some sun on my face.  The verdict: Yeah I got some sun on my face.

The run was sooo much fun I wish I had all day to go run.  I totaled 78 minutes and trekked around 13-14 miles after everything was all done. I think I am going to run more from work here on out.  The hills were great and the roads are soooo quiet it is incredible.  If you do not mind running on pavement, Norman has potential for some great training. Happy Running!

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