Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Epic Run To Lake Thunderbird

Today, I tested out the new Nike Triax 13's I ordered for 50 dollars and my new Green Nike Miler shorts as I headed out towards Lake Thunderbird on Alameda.

The run felt so smooth that  I was able to rattle 6 minute miles as if they were nothing today.  I crossed each section of the road from 24th street, 36th street, 48th street, 60th street, 72nd street, 84th street then the big uphill and downhill right into the Lake!  The weather was amazing hovering in the mid to low 60's, not too much wind and a hunger to run fast.  The hills on Alameda were not too bad as  I handled them with ease. Then I saw it after 40 minutes of running....Lake Thunderbird.  It was beautiful and  I really felt like I did something special today! The run felt so amazing and after I hit 42 minutes and spent my few minutes gazing at the lake, I turned back and trucked it uphill!  The way out to Lake Thunderbird produced 6 minute miles, the way back produced 6:15 minute miles due to the increased upgrades and the wind and a slight increase in traffic. Overall,  a Run to Remember!  What a day!

1 hour and 30 mins for a total of 16 miles!

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