Friday, March 11, 2011

GrassFires are in the air

Today I ran with Scott as he ran loops around Sutton Wilderness. The wind is insane as the gusts literally could blow you away.  As I was heading down Boyd to meet up with Scott, I noticed a dark smoggy hue in the sky. That hue is smoke from a local grass fire in Goldsby right near Riverwind Casino and less than 10 miles to Norman!  The run felt tough as the wind and bad air quality made the run laboring but it was nice to have a buddy out on the trails.  After a few loops, we decided to head into some neighborhoods and then part ways. Once I broke away from Scott, I looked at a few houses up for rent in a nice neighborhood and leisurely jogged around.

My watch clicked at around 80 minutes and I think I ran about 11-12 miles today.  Not bad for a day where the elements are just not kind to us runner's out there. We even had a rude guy yelling at us to get out of the road when we clearly had no shoulder to run and hide to. So screw you guy in a red pick-up. Learn to share the roads as the signs on most Oklahoma roads say!!!!! YOu my red pick-up friend broke the law and I have seen people get tickets for running me off the roads in Norman before. I often times tell cops when I am running to be on the look-out and a few time they have staked out and patrolled with me on my run just to make sure people are courteous. YOu see, Norman PD are not so bad after all.

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