Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday- Saint Patrick's Day Run! WINDY ANd Wild

The weather projections today speak of mid to upper 80's!  I was thinking....HOT!  So...I ran out the door as soon as I could around 10am. (I was sleepy!)  With clouds overhead, the temperature was in the 60's and I felt this was my chance to run.

The route I picked was to take Porter Ave north up to Tecumseh and take Tecumseh out to I-35.  The run felt great as I ran at a decent clip though my legs felt a little heavy from yesterday's hill run.  There was a lot of wind too.  You know it is a windy day when you have the wind from the East or West and it feels just as strong as a regular head wind!  So, the whole run was obnoxiously windy.  When the wind was in my face, it would gust so hard it would throw me back. I felt like the majority of the run I was running in a hurricane trying to push through the wind. ANd to top the run off, the temperature began to climb and climb as the clouds that were stationary to begin my run, passed through heading bright blue skies.

I was able to trek it out to I-35 and then I hauled it back, reminding myself this wind running is great training for the altitude up at Mount Washington.  I am a little tired so it is time to fuel up and to get ready for a big day at work.  Warm temps means people will want to be out golfing drinking some beers so time to prep for my after workout!

1 hour and 28 minutes of solid running!----15-16 miles

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