Saturday, March 5, 2011

Friday easy Run Followed by Cold Windy 10k!

What a two days!

I ran with Scott And Jenny on Friday and that went nicely as I amased about 65 minutes of running and 10-11 miles nice and easy.

The Sooner 10k the following morning was tough!  The wind was at my face for the majority of the race like 4 miles or so.  The start had the wind at my back as I shot through the first mile in 4:47 and the second mile in 4:53.  The moment I made a turn-around out by Highway 9, the wind chopped my fast pace down into the 5:10's-5:30's.  I went through the 5k in 15:40 and then the 8k in 26:03. And by the time the race was over, I came across the line in 32:53. Not a fast time but great considering the conditions.

The Conditions:  30 degrees Wind Chill makes it 20 degrees

Wind: gusting upwards of 35-40 mph

The race was extremely painful and I gutted it out as best as I could muster.  The pictures tell all as you can really see how much effort I put forth.  I do think I was around 2:30 off of what I could run the distance on a perfect day, I would grade my race a B+ for strong effort in tough tough conditions!

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