Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Run at Cedar Lane!

Yesterday I challenged the big hills of Cedar Lane. The run begins with me heading from Campus Lodge out towards the neighborhoods across Highway 9.  I cut through those neighborhoods across a farm path and out onto Cedar Lane.  I pass the Links apartments and tackle the hills.

I have just found out that I will be competing at the Race Up Mount Washington on June 18th 2011 as an elite athlete and I am pumped!  The competition is supposed to be fierce this year as this race will be my first real test at mountain racing and the athletes that make the USA Mountain Team year in and year out. My run took me out on 36th towards Noble and the illustrious tower that is perched way on top of a huge ridge.

The tempo and pace felt great considering the strong gusts of wind.  We are currently experiencing April-like weather with temperatures in the mid 60's up to almost 80.

I ran for a total of 72 minutes and the whole run I pictured myself running up Mount Washington performing well.  I cannot wait!

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