Thursday, March 3, 2011

Final Prep for the Sooner 10k

Today was my last long run in preparation for the big race this Saturday.  The weather was nice and I decided to run nice and far.

I was able to track in 1 hour and 28 minutes of solid mileage out on Tecumseh and 36th street.  The combination of the rolling hills and the wind made everything difficult in terms of pushing but the run felt really smooth besides the last 5 minutes where I just decided to trot in.  One of the true beautiful aspects of running is the fact that you can zen out and just let your mind wander.  I envisioned myself as a USA mountain runner running up the steep slopes of the French Alps with each and every uphill.  Then I had  time to think about how work is going to be this summer. Then I thought about ice cream. Yes, Ice Cream! Once the 70's are out and about, then I get this feeling for ice cream. And not just ice cream but a banana split.  If you ever want a nice post-run snack, a banana split is ideal.  As I am writing this I have been chowing away on my ice cream split and boy is it fantastic.

The training wheels come off on Saturday and I am looking forward to feeling the hurt again and running fast times.

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