Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sore calf!

I went for a nice easy progression run down at the OU xc course. The first portion of the run was done head into the wind and it reminded me of Saturday's race which is something I would like to forget about.  As I cut across Highway 9, I felt a little sluggish and was in need of getting the legs moving.  I have had a little calf tightness since the race on Saturday and I felt it during this run. But once I made it onto the packed red dirt, I knew the run was going to be fun. It is so nice to know that there are nice little trails right here nestled at Norman and the course has good uphill and downhill sections and the footing is not to shabby either.  I ran 4 loops where each loop is about 2k so I ran an 8k in the xc course.  I was able to get some nice leg turnover and I felt pretty smooth considering the near-storming conditions.  It looks like there could be some heavy rain with the wind and the gray rain clouds overhead.  Once I finished my fourth loop, it was time to head back.

Total time :71 minutes 12 seconds

Total Mileage: about 11.4 miles

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