Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Long Grind

I felt like the run today was a struggle. I have been so tired from traveling on my trip to Branson and with all the effort I have put forth this year.  I think I need more sleep!  Maybe the lack of energy came from the 86 degree temps and a strong wind.  Either way, today's run was a grind. I felt like I was tired the whole run and really struggled to push through the uphills.  I think I am in great shape but I have lost a slight edge I need to gain back if I am going to run some fast times.

And on top of the sour run, I have bad news about the Dallas Half Marathon. I was supposed to run the race but  I do not think I can afford a drive to Dallas because my broken-down car will be fixed this weekend and I will have to spend the gas picking it up.  My running right now has really been crappy to date. My training seems sporadic, my races have horrible conditions or I cannot make them, and I just feel too tired with my regular day let alone once I put in the hard miles.

I just hope I will be in great enough shape to really do something incredible at the Race Up Mount Washington!!!!  I have been trying to run as many miles as I can and today getting a little heat exhaustion was the case I have not been resting my body up enough for hard training.

Tomorrow I hope will be a better run and I hope once I save up some money since my car is going to cost me 1,100 dollars to fix that I can save some money for some local 5ks and prepare for  a track 10k and the OKC marathon relay!

My Run totaled 71:34 and I ran about 11.7 miles out to 36th and then left at the four-way stop up to the Norman Horse Corral Association and back

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