Monday, March 28, 2011

Damp---Foggy...Cold---In March?

On Saturday I ran out on 36th street SE and the run felt great considering I was tired from the past week.  The cloud looked a deep gray as the day shown signs of overcast and cold.  Very weird weather in Oklahoma for the end of March.  But the run felt great and I noticed someone yelling "Run Faster" at me right before I turned around. Later at work, I found out it was no other than Grant Offenburger, my so-called boss or manager and it was quite funny to find out it was him driving out on the farm-roads.

I ran 81 minutes and 13 miles

Sunday's run was a simple loop out to Eagle Cliff houses and I ran around the new homes being built and the little golf course that circles the homes.  It was a somber morning and very peaceful and quiet.  Those runs when you feel like it is just you and nature are something special and I really enjoyed that tranquility.
I ran 70 minutes and 11.4 miles.

This week I was able to run 85 miles for the week finally a great increase from 69 and 76 the two weeks before.  I am getting myself back into a routine and I should be ready to rock and roll come May through the summer!

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