Monday, March 14, 2011

Saturday quick Run Spontaneous Trip

Saturday I was so tired. Ashlee went to work at 8 and I decided to nap for a few hours. I was able to nap two hours before Ashlee asked me if we could leave to see her parents in Gans, Oklahoma. I knew that this meant a ton to her so I said yes. She was getting out of work at noon and I had maybe 45-50 minutes to run before she would be expecting me to take her to see her family. The moment I woke up I was so rushed and these past two days have been the longest days of my life.

The run was quick and boring. I just ran a loop out on the busy roads by my apartment and into the sections of houses nearby. It was nothing special.  Then it was time to pack and hit the open road.  It was a nice warm day around 70 and as we drove out to the Oklahoma/Arkansas border, we noticed multiple plumes of smoke.  They were remnants or continuing grass-fires that broke out on Friday.

We made it to Ashlee's parents around 5 ate dinner and then relaxed.

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