Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break---Branson And Springfield!!!! Show me the MONEY!

Branson is one hilly place!  It was like living in a village nestled in the hills of the Ozarks and reminded me of little Vegas, without all the sin of course!  The moment we arrived in Branson, Ashlee and myself were so tired from waking up at 5am to make the 6 hour drive up through the Arkansas hill ranges that we napped. I did not run on Saturday but I made up for it on Sunday and Monday.

We spent our time seeing the Acrobats of Shanghai, the Tanger Outlet Mall, and the Branson Landing and local downtown shops.  It was such a fun trip in Branson.  Then the trip left Branson and switched gears to my Grandmother's house in Springfield, Mo.  I was able to run here and tack on about 83 minutes and around 14 miles of solid running up the hilly farm roads out across the James River Parkway.

The third part of the trip consisted of heading a little of course and a ton of driving.  We made it back to Norman around 9pm and I went running out along 48th street NW I think out on the other side of I-35.  The run was dark but nice to get some running under me. My grand total for the run was about 63 minutes and close to 10 miles of running.

Overall,  this was a great weekend and I wish it could have lasted longer.  Now it is time to take a deep sigh and time to work so I have money again that  I can save up and time to study for tests, work on papers, finish weekly assignments, and run like a mad-man.  It is going to be a long week!

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