Saturday, March 26, 2011

Run to Tecumseh!

Yesterday was the most hectic day of my life.  But with all things aside, the run was great.  I headed out from Ashlee's place on Rowena Lane and went out on Lindsey across I-35 right onto 36th street. I took that road past the Sooner Mall, past OK Runner into territory I have never been to before.  When it comes to a sidewalk run, running on the other-side of Norman is great.  There is so much potential out there that it gets me excited and pumped.  The weather was lovely in the morning in the low 50's and my pace felt smooth and strong.  I passed a tall guy all decked out in running gear by OK Runner and he just nodded at me and kept going.  I would say he was in decent shape based on his 7:30 minute pace for a man well into his 30's.  If I had to live anywhere in Norman besides at Lake Thunderbird, I would live on the West-side.  The neighborhoods looked so nice and the homes seemed magnificent.  I am hopefully looking to run one more 5k possibly before I race the OKC marathon relay on May 1st.  I feel like my training is coming around and I finally have my legs and lungs hitting on all cylinders.

Sadly, I will not be able to race the Dallas Half Marathon because I need to pick up my car tomorrow from Roland, Oklahoma. For those of you who do not know where this is located all the way near Fort Smith, Arkansas about 200-300 miles away. Hopefully, I can get another race under my belt!

Anyway I ran 76 minutes and tracked about 13 miles which was a nice showing for the day.

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