Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Out and Back Lake Thunderbird Run

My Running is really coming along. With nice mild and cool temperatures, I can finally be able to run fast again and be able to run 80-120 minutes a run.  Today, I ran out to the big Lake, Lake Thunderbird and was able to keep up a solid pace. I set a record of reaching the park in 40 minutes and 33 seconds besting my 42:10 effort last spring.  With calm winds, I felt like I could handle anything today.

Let me get this straight though....Running in Oklahoma is tough. Not only do you have the worst weather conditions with heat, bitter cold and then WIND, but the roads and people are not runner-friendly.  Alameda street is the road I live off of and as you leave it to go out "into the country", you leave sidewalks and wide streets into narrow rolling farm-roads that pit you against angry drivers and no shoulder.  The run becomes a game of cat and mouse more or less.  With all things considered, I love running out on Alameda. The hills and the views of rolling plains are breath-taking and once you ascend a nice steep incline you are greeted with Lake Thunderbird which is an oasis of nature nestled in Oklahoma.

The duration of my run was 1 hour and 30 minutes 32 seconds.  All in all, I can feel that real base strength kick in and a spring marathon plus numerous trail races this spring seem like I will be ready for some great results!

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