Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rose Rock State!!!!

Today, I ran out towards Noble and almost out to Slaughterville.  The run was nice as I began with a nice tailwind which made the outside temps feel like 45 degrees. I ran really fast today as I hauled it down 77 to Noble. Downtown Noble is growing as more stores are popping up and that makes me feel good that such a quaint little town is getting growth in the right places.  I even ran all the way out to Bell Creek and up the hills and then down the hills.  Oklahoma is a plains state in many ways and central Oklahoma is for sure a big plain.  The peace and tranquility of seeing an open stretch of land is calming but for me at this point is getting too plain. I love Oklahoma but it is really a hard place to be good at distance running.  The summers are brutal with 115 degree days at worst and a solid average of 100 degrees. Then the wintertime, you must factor in the wind chill that just cuts through all of your layers.  It is just a tough place but nonetheless it makes you stronger and able to be adaptable.  I was able to run 18 miles and 1 hour and 49 minutes and 26 seconds of a hard effort.  Thursday will be another nice hard day and I look forward to building on the base for the spring.

By the way...back to my headline.  Noble is in fact the Rose Rock capital and I ended up running by the museum that I really want to take Ashlee to!

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