Saturday, November 5, 2011

36 hours awake!!!!---No RUnning!!!

Running as of late has taken the back-seat in my life and it does anger me. I have started a new job and I have been working numerous 14 hour days where my running is broken up or I skip running all together!

It was crazy. I stayed up all night long and then worked from 5:30am-3pm. I just got back from running at Cedar Lane in the dark for a nice 71 minute run. The lungs and chest feel heavy so I took it easy. I am needing some sleep and hopefully I can regroup for Saturday's Pinecone Classic 5k where I look to beat 14:51.  I love running and all this working has compromised what I love most.  I am never home and I miss out on working out and with spending time with Ashlee. Graduate school emails have suffered too and I really need to gather myself.  This month is the final leg of the journey before I can work and save up and focus on the next chapter in my busy life.

I hope that wherever Ashlee and myself end up, we will be in a place with mountains and plenty of outdoor fun. And most importantly, we can be happy and really enjoy our lives together and not become mechanisms of society.

Sunday run of 70 minutes in the dark as I ran by Ingels Vineyard. I am just trying to get back into feeling well-rested and in shape to run fast!

Monday---Long Day at the coffee shop and then a run to the bank!  Total time out...1 hour and 13 minutes and run time of 65  minutes for a nice 10 miles. I have run 21 miles as of this week of training and will look to add some more mileage at the end with a nice 5k.  I have been so busy lately that my running blog has suffered immensely but I am optimistic that I will be able to get back on track with running and refueling! The weather looks like there might be huge rainstorms or tornadoes! First earthquakes now Tornadoes...Lovely!

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