Monday, November 21, 2011

Seeing Clearer Now!!! The Man Behind the Mask!

The Other day at Belmar, I had a moment. I realized that I had been wasting my time there ever since I started there.

As a college graduate, I have been over-qualified for the job title they want me to complete and I still am paid minimum wage there even after 11 months on the job.  I have gone beyond what has been asked of me and the truth is...I deserve much better.

Sunday I did not run but today, Monday on my first day off from work in a whole month, I have run tons of errands and run them literally while logging 10 miles of work.  It was a nice run and I can see that deception is vain and cruel and I feel better knowing that I deserve more. I ran to the bank, to the post office twice and to RJH realty and then back home.

I deserve more from my running, and work and just to give myself and my family the best life possible.  I know my father and Ashlee would want that more than anything and so begins my running journey to a new beginning.

I love working at golf/country clubs and I would like to continue that system at another club. I deserve some respect and pay that suits the amount of work I put forth into a job. The fact that raises don't exist is a federal crime to me.  So, I must look elsewhere.....

(Pics from Trails Golf CLub and Belmar Golf Club)

Tuesday---Nice hill run in my new Lunarswift 3. They felt great and I ran like a he-man today and amassed about 76 minutes and 12-13 miles of work all at a blazing sub 6 pace. Feeling pretty strong even after a month of ok training.

Wednesday--Busy day at work with tons of running around at the golf course. Approx 3.5 miles of running.

Thurrssssday--Thanksgiving---AM--Run in Arkansas...Beautiful quiet country road where I was able to log 65 minutes and about 10.5 miles!  Nice cool morning!  PM---Run to drop off Netflix movie then out to East Lindsey and then a quick loop through Summit Lakes. My new Nike Swift 3 feel amazing and light and I was able to get a nice post-turkey run in without much avail.  The weather is getting cooler here with a pick-up in the winds and a drop from the 60's down into the 30's. I was able to log 7 miles and 45 minutes and a total of 17 miles for the day!

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