Thursday, November 10, 2011

Run To Belmar...Run Back Home!!!

Yesterday I ran to work at Belmar.  It was a nice cool morning and I felt like an ultra runner who decided to load up all of their belongings and to run wild out in the world.  I woke up at 6am and then shot out the door at an early 6:15.  I carried a gym sack on my back with my work clothes inside and ran.  It was soooo much fun. I jumped on Sooner Road and just began to roll with the steep uphills and downhills.  It was a roller-coaster run and before I knew it, I was 36 minutes in and I had one more mile to go.  I felt so smooth as all the cars heading to work must have thought  I was a looney.  I arrived at Belmar at 6:54 where my watch read 42 minutes. I had averaged mid to high 6 minute pace with a bag flopping around. Not too bad. Then I worked at the golf course which was a great cold day where the sunshine brought golfers out to play. It was grrrreeeeaaaattt! Then when work was over with, I packed up my belongings again like I did in the morning and ran back home. I made the crucial mistake of packing only cold gear so running in tights and a jacket in 60 degree weather made me pretty darn sweaty. I was so sweaty that all I could think of is running in a desert on the verge of passing out. I made it home in 41 minutes and never felt so relieved to have run 14 plus miles!  A great day. I then was blessed with time with Ashlee running errands and just having fun.  It was a much needed great day and I am so  happy to have such a wonderful and supportive family.

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