Saturday, November 26, 2011


So on Friday, I was able to run along Cedar Lane and complete a nice loop of 82 minutes and 14 miles maybe 15.  I felt really good and the pace was nice and relaxed but strong.  Getting some hills in was nice too and I really need to keep the pressure on my training to ensure that I am up there with my mileage before I prepare for long endurance trail races and the OKC marathon.  I love the winter time and being able to wear tights and high socks and everything associated with it is awesome! I love cool and adverse weather that is not on the hot end of the spectrum. I used my 80 gift card at Backwoods which may be a potential sponsor and bought a sweet Arc Teryx Top that with a can food drive saved me 100 bucks!  Sweet Sweet Sweet deal!

Anyway time to run in the cold wind and rain!----Run out towards Norman North High school. The weather was insane!!!! Oklahoma is by far the windiest place in the World!  50 mph gusts and sustained 25-35mph winds are you kidding me.  I ran in the neighborhoods to dodge some of the wind and rain but there was no dodging it!  I was buffeted around like a pig in a blanket squealing all the way home.  It was tough but 75 minutes later and I was a changed man with 11.65 miles in the books not bad!

Sunday---70 minute run to the Bank at night!!!!  Nice pace as the temps dropped significantly from 40 to 28 degrees!   So tights and gloves were a must. I got lost in one of the neighborhoods out by Norman High School but kept a nice pace!

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