Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Dirty Bird Run!

1 Hour and 21 minutes of a nice hilly Lake Thunderbird Run. It felt sooooo nice to run in the peace and quiet of the park. Hit the beach front and ran along the shoreline for a solid 2 miles before heading back through single-track trails and the hilly park road! I am ready to run a fast 5k.  Right now I am working every single day of the week for the most part and have not much free time. It can be hard to run and even shave my face anymore. I have been wanting to take Ashlee out to eat and maybe a movie or something like laser tag but since my work schedule is booked, I cannot do so.  It really sucks having to work an insane amount just to be able to put back a couple 100 dollars for graduate school. I find life a challenge just to progress. SO many people stay stagnant in their lives that it angers me when I feel like I am not continually improving my condition. It is just like with running,  I always would like to see improvements and it has been tough but I know that all this hard work will pay off at one time or another.

Friday---Simple taper run of 70 minutes out towards highway 9. Ran real easy as the sun was going down already at 5pm. Time to recover and gear up for the PINECONE 5k.  Thank you Backwoods for sponsoring the race and for providing awesome gear for entering!

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