Thursday, November 17, 2011

Getting Back Into The Routine!

As Thanksgiving approaches, I am so very excited to feel like my running and fitness is coming back to me again. I am getting the sleep, the nutrition, and the volume of training I have missed in the past few weeks.  Today, the weather was in the 20's and 30's as I was blessed with wearing my first pair of long tights on a run for this year. I love winter running!  When everyone is inside fretting about the cold, I am out on the roads and trails bettering myself.  I love the challenge winter poses and I love the real tranquility of running as the sun goes down and all that seems alive are the very breaths coming from my lungs.  77 Minutes of running!

I really am interested in snow-shoe racing and I have a feeling I could be insane at the sport. Last winter, I averaged 5:35 miles for a 5k at my GMC high school course where  I ran through 6 inches of snow and for a mile and a half I ran through 3 feet of snow and still managed a fast pace. If I could do that without snowshoes, just imagine what will happen once I get those bad boys on.

I really do hope to live somewhere that I can run up ski slopes in the summer to build ascent endurance and in the winter take Ashlee out onto the trails with snow shoes where we can frolic in the woods and enjoy being alive.  I have learned that Oklahoma is a great place to live but it does not provide enough opportunities for work and for a recreation base of activity that Ashlee and myself really deep down desire.  We are both working hard and I am excited for the future.


Friday---63 min run in Sutton Wilderness

Saturday---Night Run of 82 minutes out along OU campus and into Trails Golf Course!  Nice serene run and felt good considering all the work hours I have put in!

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