Saturday, November 12, 2011

PineCone Classic Backwoods 5k!!!!!!

Today was race day and it was super exciting to have Steven Pyle with me at the race. That man ran like a champion today running a nice 17:13 effort which is awesome!  The race a cold with temps thanks to a nice 25-30 mph windchill in the 40's so I debuted my arm coolers from Pearl Izumi that I bought for the Mount Washington Road Race.  Those arm coolers/warmers are awesome. They keep you warm but also can help ventilate so for those brisk mornings help to regulate your body temp.  The 5k is a very fun low-key race with no bibs or time chips but has a lead bike and a very great traffic-controlled course.  I just went out for a 5k run and my pace was nice and easy. I felt like I was running a decent clip but then began picking it up after 9 minutes in to ensure I was running my best.  I love this race because they give out an awesome goody bag with running gels, key rings, an 80 dollar gift certificate and a 3 month personal training pass for the winner which is AMAZING for a nice low-key 5k... I hope this race in Norman continues to grow in popularity and can help this store out!

With all the working and lacking in distance training, I have been doubtful of what I could do. Today, I pieced together a nice 14:56 winning effort which was 5 seconds shy of last year's time but was solid.  This race gives me tons of confidence for the winter and spring racing season as I hope to string together some hard efforts of winter running (my favorite) before the big OKC marathon.  I feel like I am back to normal again and my spirits for running have been lifted. The sky's are the limit and only time will tell where my running can take me.

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