Thursday, December 1, 2011

Reunited With Scott Downard--1 Hour 40 minute Hill Run and Doughnuts!!

On a cold morning in Oklahoma...30's  I was reunited with my buddy Scott Downard.  He is the OK Runner Team captain and has helped me along the way with my running career. It was great to see him after a month-long hiatus.  He has been in Stillwater with his girlfriend, Jenny who is a PHD student there.  We began the run out on Alameda and ran towards Rock Creek and Tecumseh.  We then headed out all along the hills of Norman catching up on our what has been happening in our busy lives and of course we began the running talk about races, the future and food.  When I run with Scott, I feel like my pace is fast yet it is so easy to just float along effortlessly.  After we had completed a 16 mile adventure, we decided to grab some doughnuts which are always a must.  We talked more about running stores and our jobs and then had to split up and go to our respective jobs.
It was a great run and my strength is really coming along.  My arms feel like they can pull me along as I tire and I cannot wait to race.  I am going to do some research into trail races around the area maybe in Texas that I can run and hopefully be successful in.  

Friday---Run to Bank and Sun Loan office to drop off checks and cash.  65 minute run in the finally nice cool weather. 30's feel sooo nice since our constant streak of 100's this summer! I feel like I can run forever!

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