Monday, August 1, 2011

Beat That Heat!

It has been so hot around Oklahoma it makes me want to move in the worst way.  I wake up and run at 7 am and I am greeted by 80-85 degree temps right off the bat.  This sucks believe me.  I took a nice nap and then was able to go out and get some errands done in 107 degree heat. Yuk. Well at least if I want to run a Desert Race, I am well-equipped to do so.  Today I ran by OK runner and was able to get 1 hour and 30 mins of running in and yesterday began my week with a 45 min jog in the evening up by Summit Lakes.  The heat has been my main topic as of late  but anyone and everyone around the country knows what is up. It is hot so drink those fluids and take those rest breaks if at all possible, because it may just save your life.

I am starting to work on graduate school decisions and compiling all of my work for that.  I have a bright future and my running career I hope is going to take off soon.  My job at Belmar has been tough because of the heat and I am hoping I can grab some hours at OK runner to help me get away from the outside and to work somewhere that I do not feel insignificant at.

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