Sunday, August 14, 2011

20 Mile Sunday Action!!!!

Today was a sweet long run that took Scott and myself all the way into Noble, Oklahoma as we tracked many nice hills about 30 + of them over the course of the run to test the human condition. The run began at around 7:40 am and the heat was just beginning to hit us. The humidity was also up too.  Hydration was a key component to the run because of the conditions.  Amazingly enough, we were able to keep a nice pace throughout the run around the high to mid 6 minute range and even crack a 6:09 closing mile at the 20 mile mark.  The heat at the turn-around was starting to get to me though every water stop we made was like a slice of heaven. By mile 15, we were out of fluids and it was finishing time. My singlet and shorts were soaked from the water and sweat combination on my body.  On days like this I feel like a kenyan, going out on  the trails or roads running to your own limits to prepare for a big race months away.  Today was my Kenyan Day and today I honor Paul Tergat! This man is FASSSSST!  And when the temperature gets hot, you know this man is still out there pushing the limits.  Overall, amazing run with great pace and great aerobic effort. This run has set the tone for a great week of training.  Plus that 5k from yesterday sapped some bounce out of my calves but the new Lunar Glide + in bumble bee yellow are baller shoes that feel great from mile 1 to 20. I always find a way to pick out a shoe I know is going to work. Time to relax with the DR. Pepper Icy and rest on the couch. Sorry Mr. Tergat, we all need to be couch potatoes every once and a while.  Enjoy your Sunday Running World and do not forget to hit the trails!  The sooner the better!

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