Friday, July 29, 2011

Water Bottle Run Around OU

Today was nuts. I did everything under the sun from work to driving all over town to picking up my kitty to running mini errands.  Once I was done with all this and a bottomless stomach since I never even had the chance to stop and pick up food, I finally went on my run!

I was able to purchase with a gift certificate a hydration bottle and it worked out nicely.  I was able to constantly hydrate while on the go and my body responded well. I kept a fast pace (6:20's) as I sprinted around the whole University of Oklahoma campus.  On days when the heat is boiling, the bottle is the way to go.  I feel much more at ease during the run and I never tire out completely from dehydration.  With the little kitty back in the household, it is going to be another job to watch both cats to make sure Nollie does not harm Libby again because my wallet cannot afford another big animal bill.  There has been so much stress lately but I hope that with clearer skies in the horizon, everything will be just fine.

68 minutes of running in the books 10.7 miles of action!

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