Thursday, August 4, 2011

Out on the Roads!!

1 hour and 26 minutes 58 seconds!   15.7 miles!  With this water bottle, I can go longer and longer! Today I ran hills off from Alameda and then 60th ave.  I looped up towards Tecumseh and then ran out towards 12th ave and then back home.  It was not as hot as it has been this morning but it was HUMID! I chugged the gatorade in my hydration bottle in the first 20 minutes of the run then I was in conserve mode and kept the last 8 ounces as a keep-sake.  I feel like my endurance is fantastic right now and I am itching to race and show what I am made of.

I am excited about becoming a real pro trail runner and the responsibilities that come with it.  Pretty soon I can apply for sponsorship with Inov 8, Montrail, La Sportiva and North Face to see if maybe I can get some financial backing or other deals.  I have run pretty fast times but I just need more wins and more race exposure. Trail running is growing and I am excited with the direction of the sport.  I would like to be apart of this growing trend and to help revolutionize the way people think about running and really how much fun and challenging it can be!

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