Friday, August 5, 2011


Run to Hastings! Recovery run of 11.4 miles.

The run was a typical run. Nothing too crazy just going out in the Oklahoma heat and dropping off a movie.  I ran from one side of town all the way to the other side then back again trekking the almost 6 mile one way trip.  Hastings is a pretty awesome store. They give you credit if you return your movies on time as most of the movies I rent from there cost me nothing to rent. I wish there was a store closer to where Ashlee and myself live but what can you do.  Anyway, I am getting too anxious to race as I sit on my computer looking up various races I could enter in.  I think it is the excitement of racing since Mount Washington was my last race and training at this point has been the same old.  It is hot and I would like to win some gift certificates or money or grocery coupons or something!  Grad school work is coming along as I send out those emails and GRE studying has commenced!

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